Method statement

• We are a private fire and rescue service providing a first response fire and rescue Service working to fire authority standards.

• All fire crews are trained and competent in their duties, all the equipment is maintained to a satisfactory standard and tested in line with current good practice.

• Whilst on site we will work closely with the event promoters to reduce the risk of fire and other emergencies occurring wherever possible.

• The crews will remain on site for the duration of the event and will be “On call” via two way radio or our paging system.

• All vehicles movement will be restricted to emergency calls or with prior arrangement with the event promoter.In some cases the promoter may require fire patrols at key times.

• All incidents will be recorded and the promoter will be informed, any incident that is insurable eg: car fire, property, etc will be recorded on a FDR 1, home office fire report form,which will be passed to the fire liaison officer or the organiser.

• Any incident that requires assistance from the county fire service will be handled appropriate with a 999 call providing the appropriate address and access gate. A marshal will be instructed to provide a guide to the incident for the emergency services.

• The incident would then be passed over to the local fire authority to be handled in accordance with the command and control procedures.

• This method statement is issued as a generic guide to most events but may be subject to change to meet the approval of the individual local county fire service.